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About Bonny: High Fiber Supplements

  • 1 min read

Q: Why do people buy fiber supplements?

A: This may seem obvious. They want to add more fiber to their diet and value the health benefits of fiber.

Q: OK, then why do the market leading fibers contain low levels of fiber?

A: We don't know and that is why our Founder created Bonny. She looked at the nutritional labels for the 'cils and the 'laxs and wanted more fiber. Bonny, a high fiber supplement, was born.

Q:  Ok, but what exactly qualifies you as as "high fiber supplement?" How much fiber are we talking here?

A: Our unflavored version has 29% of your daily recommended fiber and our flavored versions have 25% of your daily target. This is based on a target of 25 grams of fiber per day. By contrast, Metamucil has 10% of your daily fiber per serving and Citrucel has 16%.

Q: Ok, Bonny is definitely a high fiber supplement.

A: We agree that's high fiber and our custom blend of fibers tastes delicious.

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