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Pain Points: Constipation and your friend fiber

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Everyone's favorite topic what are the best fiber supplements for constipation! To make it entertaining, let's pretend we are eavesdropping on two besties having a very TMI convo about that brown emoji and being backed up. 

Bestie 1: I am so blocked down there. My a$$ hurts from trying to go.

Bestie 2: You know that's funny. My doctor was telling me to add more fiber to my diet. Then I saw some Instagram ads for fiber supplements, asking "are you constipated?". The packaging was so cute, so I carted that.

Bestie 1: You know I hate Instagram.

Bestie 2: Yeah, but what's worse Instagram or constipation? 

Bestie 1: Hmm, tough call...

Bestie 2: (laughs) I started adding the fiber powder to my morning shake and my logs are AH-mazing. I've never pooped so much in my life.

Bestie 1: OK that's not the visual I need right now but I'll try anything. How does it even work?

Bestie 2: I read up on this because I was curious.

Bestie 1: Of course you did, Jeopardy.

Bestie 2: Basically dietary fiber bulks up your poop to make it easier to pass. It makes it like creamy soft serve ice cream.

Bestie 1: Oooh, let's go get ice cream!

Bestie 2:  Do you want ice cream or do you want your a$$ to keep hurting?  

Bestie 1: I want ice cream and relief! What's the brand you take?

Bestie 2: It's called Bonny. I like their chocolate option.  

Yeah, we added a shameless product plug at the end. More questions about fiber supplements for constipation? Comment below.

Additional resources: Mayo Clinic and Healthline.

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