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5 Reasons Why This Fab Fiber Sold Out💩

Why we can't keep this amazing fiber powder in stock and why fiber should be your new favorite f-word.

Hall of Fame Bonny Poopers

1. You'll Become An Elite Pooper

When was the last time you pooped? With Bonny you will know because you will be that regular.

Bonny bulks up your stool with a custom blend of psyllium husk and prebiotic inulin. Welcome to the best poops of your life.

Fiber might be the furtheest thing from your mind, but it could also be just th weight-loss edge you need." Muscle & Fitness Magazine

2. You will feel fuller longer

We agree with Muscle & Fitness Magazine, don't overlook fiber if you want to manage your weight. Fiber isn't digested by the body so it slows down your overall rate of digestion meaningful you feel fuller longer, eat less at meals, and snack less too.

Mango passionfruit Bonyn fiber to reduce bloating

3. You won't be bloated

Yes, fiber can also help with bloating. Because you are supercharging your digestive system, the stuff that would puff you up gets flushed out instead of hanging around.

4. You will enjoy the taste of Bonny

It's time fiber tasted amazing. No sawdust to try to choke down. No capsules that are hard to swallow. Just fiber as good as it can taste with real fruit. Add liquid to powder and enjoy.

Proud Pooping Founder of Bonny fiber supplements

5. You hate taking fiber supplements too

I, founder of Bonny, didn't want to launch a "crappy" company but I couldn't find a fiber supplement that tasted great and worked. Guess what? I made my own that was everything those other fibers weren't.

Bonny fiber supplements with fruits

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