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Fiber Supplements for Gut Health
Fiber Supplements for Gut Health


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Lower Risk of Heart Disease

High fiber diets linked to a lower risk of heart disease in numerous scientific studies. Learn more.

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Treat & Prevent Constipation

Fiber bulks up the stool, speeding its journey through the intestines and out the body. Learn More.

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Help Manage Diabetes

Fiber isn't digestible & slows the release of glucose, thus maintaining blood sugar levels.

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Treat & Prevent Diverticulitis

Fiber softens the stool and can help relieve pressure in the colon, helping prevent flare-ups.

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Trent & Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be caused by the painful passing of the stool. Fiber softens the stool.

*Information provided is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or other health care providers. Please discuss any questions or concerns about your health with your provider.


You're skeptical. You're telling yourself, "I get enough fiber."

Pop quiz: How much is the daily fiber recommendation? The target is 25+ grams for women and more for men.

95% of Americans don't hit that number because who can eat 5.6 apples a day or 83 baby carrots? We couldn't even make a graphic with that many baby carrots. (Seriously, we tried.)

Read on friends. Bonny fiber is about to blow your mind.


Maybe you have tried fiber supplements before and didn't care for them. Let's pretend this is a boxing match to explain why Bonny is a contender.

In this corner, meet Bonny. Weighting in at under a pound, this rookie is ready to impress with movie-star looks and the ingredients to back it up. Focused on making a name of themselves, they are nimble, hungry and out fibering the competition 4-to-1.

In the other corner, meet Plastic McGeecil, the veteran who has seen some stuff in their time. They still talk about that fight they won in 1978, add granulated sugar to corn flakes and think Keto is name of a TV dog.

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