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Bonny Prebiotic Fiber with Berries and Glass of Bonny
Bonny Fiber with Blueberries and a glass of prebiotic fiber
Straining on the toilet

Treat Constipation Today

Are you full of it? An estimated 4 million Americans have frequent constipation. Sad face.

Constipation is when your stools are hard, dry, or lumpy. (All things you don't want.)

One of the easiest ways to treat constipation is to add Bonny fiber to your diet today. Bonny fiber makes stool bulkier and softer so it's easier to pass.

Need more info? Our blog post goes deep on constipation here.

Bonny Fiber Tastes Amazing

Maybe you tried to get rid of constipation before but gave up because fiber supplements taste like crap.

Our Founder had the same problem so she created an amazing tasting fiber supplement that was all-natural and plant-based.

You better believe she made sure Bonny will make you poop. Our Founder tested Bonny on herself, every day and her poops have never been better.

Fiber You Want to Show Off

Beat Constipation Forever

Bonny is fancy and fabulous and so are you. For about a $1.00 a day you beat constipation forever.

• High-quality ingredients.
• Nothing artificial.
• NO plastic tubs.
• Money-back guarantee.

You will look forward to taking Bonny daily.


Also add to your morning smoothie, yogurt, or your favorite recipe. Do NOT add to hot liquids. This accelerates the gel-ing of the psyllium husk.
New to fiber? Start with half a serving?

*NEW Bonny 2.0 tins have comprehensive directions printed on the side. You asked we listened.
Our naturally flavored fibers are prebiotic, delicious, adaptogenic, and fabulous.

Fiber is *so* much more than just helping you go #2 including:
✔️ Helping boost immunity (70% of your immune system is located in your gut!);
✔️ Aiding with weight management by helping you feel fuller longer (fiber slows digestion);
✔️ Regulating blood sugar levels and helping lower cholesterol.
✔️ Improves the look and feel of your skin (fiber helps improve blood circulation).
✔️ Supports gut health (prebiotics are fuel for the good bacteria in your gut)

We created the BEST tasting fiber supplement on the market (if you don't agree you get your money back).

This is a premium, high-quality formula in a sustainable tin. Fiber should taste amazing so you actually drink it daily.

✔️ Plant-based.
✔️ All-natural.
✔️ No artifical flavors.
✔️ No dyes.
✔️ No aspartame.
✔️ Vegan.
✔️ Gluten-free.
✔️ Bad ass (yep, we said it).
We challenged ourselve to make fiber fabulous and sustainable. Our recycled metal tins are infinitely recylable. Who decided that supplements should be in plastic tubs anyway?
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