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Bonny founder with Bonny fiber tin

Our Founder Hated Fiber Supplements

Our Founder Jessica discovered that like 95% of Americans, she didn’t consume enough fiber.

So she tried to get more fiber in her diet. She bought a bunch of fiber supplements and they were horrible. Why were there artificial flavors and dyes like yellow #6 in her fiber? Why did they taste so bad?

That's how Bonny was born. Our fearless leader decided to act and identified the best partners with industry expertise to work with to launch Bonny, a better fiber supplement.

How Bonny Fiber Works In your gut

Bonny Fiber Makes You Poop

Bonny contain Psyllium Husk and Inulin which are soluble fibers that love absorbing water. In the gut they expand and create a lovely gut cleansing gel that bulks up the stool and picks up toxin hitch-hikers, taking them to the toilet where they belong! Stop constipation pain and strain with Bonny.

Bonus: Inulin is a prebiotic meaning it's food for the good bacteria in your gut. Bonny makes your poops epic and supports your microbiome!

Better Ingredients Make Bonny The Best Fiber

Bonny is a gourmet fiber that is/contains:
✔️ Flavored with real fruit
✔️ No artificial flavors or colors
✔️ No dyes or chemicals
✔️ No refined sugars or aspartame

What is in your fiber? Comparison of bonny to leading competitors

The Best Fiber For Your Gut

We went above and beyond with this fiber. Big Orange doesn't compare.

Bonny contains prebiotics to support the good bacteria in your gut.

Our fiber also contains adaptogens to help you battle life's stressors.

Made with love in the USA.

Happily Pooping Bonny Fans