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Prebiotic fiber supplements to help prevent and treat diverticulitis
Matcha Magic Prebiotic Fiber Supplements with adaptogens


1) Going poop less than three times a week.
2) Passing dry, lumpy stools.
3) Pain when pooping and/or stomach cramps
4) Feeling there is more waste left after pooping.

Sounds familiar? Fiber is what you need to bulk up your stool and make it smooth and easy to pass. Fiber takes the gut gunk to the toilet where it belongs!

PSA: Remember your poop patterns and note any changes. Consult your doctor if concerned.

Deep dive on constipation here.


95% of Americans don't get enough fiber so don't worry you are in good company.

We get it, it's hard to get enough fiber via diet alone. The recommendation is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

To put that in context, you would need to eat 5.6 apples a day or 83 baby carrots. We couldn't even make a graphic with that many baby carrots. (Seriously, we tried.)

Daily Fiber Goal: 25 grams which is the equivalent of eating 5.6 medium apples at 4.4 grams of fiber each.
Fiber Shouldn't taste like sh*t


You may have tried fiber supplements on the market; so did our founder. She thought they tasted like well... crap.

Instead of giving up on our friend fiber she created an amazing supplement that was all-natural, plant-based, and tasted like something you got at a fancy juice bar.

How did she do that? She did the work, a lot of work sourcing the BEST ingredients and never settling for artificial materials to cut corners and save money.

premium Bonny Fiber vs. outdated fiber leaders


Bonny is a PREMIUM product that contains high-quality, expensive ingredients in elegant sustainable packaging. We didn't cut corners, add artificial ingredients or dyes or put more plastic tubs into the ocean.

Bonny is fancy and fabulous and so are you. Put it this way for around a $1.00 a day you can poop more fast.

We even have a money-back guarantee. Imagine no pain, no strain, just good sh*ts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
V.p. (Fairfield, CT, US)
Way to Go!!

Long time Bonny supporter. Skeptical of 2.0. Change is hard. Tried the Strawberry and the Apple Pie. Both are YUMMY!! Same great action too! Go for it!!!

J.R. (San Francisco, CA, US)
This sh*t works! (pun intended ;-)

ABSOLUTELY love this. Highly recommend it for anyone in need of extra fiber. It tastes delicious and makes all my smoothies way better.

Kira Dietrich (Seattle, WA, US)
Not So Silly Strawberry

I am enjoying the new strawberry Bonny flavor. Everything I loved about 1.0 is still the same and the new flavor is delicious. I also like the change from a sticker seal on the tin to a wrap seal (it makes reusing the tin that much easier).

S. (New York, NY, US)
Damn this is tasty.

I am a fan of their first version but this 2.0 version wow what an upgrade. I got the Strawberry and Apple flavors. It really does taste like apple pie. I don't taste the fiber at all or any fake sweetener taste. I do stir really fast like they say and it dissolves better than the first version. And my toilet loves me. I now reach for Bonny instead of pretzels in the afternoon. The strawberry flavor is great too. Also love how they upgraded the tin. It's so cute!

S.L. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
So so good!!!

I have been adding the unflavored original version to my smoothies for a couple of months now with great success. I have always as long as I can remember had problems with constipation, but Bonny has completely fixed that for me!!! I have tried so many things and two heaping tablespoons a day works great. All that was with the original version, and I have to say that version 2.0 is even better! I have Matcha Magic and it is delicious! I have put it in smoothies which is delicious but I also love it in oat milk with ice as an iced matcha latte. The subtle pear flavor is perfect and it has a just right sweetness. No sweetener needed. Even if you’re not a matcha fan give this a try. It doesn’t have that classic kinda leafy taste that Matcha has. The afternoon pick me up is great too!