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Elegant Recyclable Tins

Bonny stands for all things beautiful and replacing a plastic tub on your counter is a beautiful thing. We are proving that sustainable packaging can be combined with high-end design. Demand more from your fiber powder.

Our Plastic Problem.
According to Oceana, every minute a garbage truck's worth of plastic ends up in the ocean. In yearly numbers, that totals nearing 18 billion tons of plastic. That's a lot of plastic. We wanted to be part of the solution and chose recycled metal for our packaging.

We will continue to improve as we grow, and new sustainability options become available.

Sustainable Packaging - Fiber Supplement

Sharing Our Development Process

Who decided that dietary supplements should be in plastic tubs?
We don’t know but our fiber powder is packaged in beautiful, recycled metal tins. They are infinitely recyclable. We also eliminated plastic scoops because they are unnecessary pieces of single-use plastic.

Why did Bonny choose steel packaging?
We love steel because it's actually recycled. During our research, we found that a lot of recyclable plastic isn't actually recycled. Sad face.

Steel's recycled rate is ~70% in North America, far more than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined. Want to learn more? Check out NPR's Plastics: What's Recycled, What Becomes Trash - and Why.

How else is Bonny embracing sustainability?
We eliminated extra packaging (think of all the extra, unneeded air in your favorite bag of healthy chips). Our tins are extremely compact, stackable and lightweight which reduces the carbon emissions emitted during transportation and distribution.

What if I want to keep this beautiful packaging?
You do you. When your beautiful Bonny tin is empty, the package can be upcycled or used for something else. Please send us your ideas on how to repurpose these tins!

Stay tuned and tell a friend.