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Five flavors of Bonny fiber powder with various fruits

"For the bottom who is looking to f*ck after Christmas dinner"

"As someone who has tried every fiber supplement under the sun (OK, I’ve tried at least two other brands), I can say without hesitation that Bonny is among the best. Whereas most fiber powders taste like Satan’s a**hole, Bonny’s 'Amplified Apple Pie' flavor will have you missing your grandma. "

- QUEERTY12 Silly, Sexy Holiday Stock Stuffers

Amazing Benefits of Daily Use

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Best Poops

Soft, solid logs in the bowl. You will be an elite pooper.

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Conquer The Urge to Snack

Fiber slows digestion making you feel fuller longer.

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Boosts Your

70% of our immune system is in our gut. Our gut bugs need prebiotic fiber to stay 100%.

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Boosts Your

Fiber improves circulation and delivery of nutrients to the skin.

Reasons to Love Bonny From The Fiber Dads

Bonny Fiber Reviews

Happily pooping Bonny users! 💩

Thoughtful Formulated To Be The Best

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Custom Fiber Blend

Psyllium Husk and Prebiotic Inulin to make you poop and feed the good gut bacteria.

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100% Natural

Nothing artificial. No dyes or chemicals. Like we said no crap.

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5g of Fiber Per Serving

That's a lot! 17%+ of your daily recommended fiber per serving.

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Flavored With
Real Fruit

Our sh*t tastes amazing. Real fruit and no refined sugar.

High-Quality Delicious Ingredients


Psyllium Husk fiber to help you poop and prebiotic Inulin to feed your good gut bacteria.

Both psyllium husk and inulin love water and expand in the gut to clean it of toxins and create soft, bulky stools for you to pass painlessly.


Bonny contains a lot of real fruit powders. There are 6 fruits in flavor Mixed Ripe Berries alone.


We use monk fruit with artfully precision so it doesn't taste fake. Also has 0 calories, 0 fats and 0 carbs.

Supplement Facts Panel for Mixed Ripe Berries and full ingredient list

Why Bonny is Better

Bonny vs. competitor showing why Bonny is better