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The 8 Best Plant Based Products to Buy For Your Health This Week, by The Editors

To reduce bloating and support regularity, try Bonny Prebiotic Fiber

2. Bonny Prebiotic Fiber

Fiber supplements can often be a tough pill to swallow (literally) but this prebiotic fiber powder makes getting an extra 7 grams into your diet easy. Bonny is a natural and organic prebiotic fiber that helps you feel fuller for longer, reduces bloating, regulates bowel movements and supports gut health. In just one serving, you will get 29% of your daily fiber!

Add the powder to any cool beverage even just a glass of water or mix it into your pancake mix. The powder comes in three flavors vanilla berry bliss, chocolate hazelnut dream and extremely unflavored. I often don't like flavored products but the vanilla berry bliss tasted so fresh and smelled even better! Bonny is exactly what I needed as someone who struggles to meet my daily fiber needs.

Make sure to incorporate it slowly into your daily regimen to allow your body time to adjust. For any sustainable shoppers, note that Bonny is an eco-friendly, plastic-free company that uses a steel tin rather than a plastic tub and recycled material for the paper labels. Unlike most powder supplements and products, Bonny doesn't come with a plastic scooper to be completely plastic-free.