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Bonny Prebiotic Fiber with Berries and Glass of Bonny
Bonny Fiber with Blueberries and a glass of prebiotic fiber

95% of Americans Don't Get Enough Fiber

It makes us sad because fiber helps* with so much:

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Toilet Time

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Feel Fuller

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Skin Health

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Be An Elite Pooper Too!

Happily pooping Bonny fiber users
Images of Happily pooping Bonny users

Fiber Shouldn't Taste Like Sh*t

You have probably tried all the fibers on the market; so did our founder. She thought they tasted like well... crap.

Instead of giving up on our friend fiber, she created an amazing supplement that is 100% natural, prebiotic, vegan, and tastes like fruit juice.


Simply put: this sh*t tastes good.

Bonny is a fruit-powered, plant-based powder. (Say that two times fast.) We blended all-natural, real fruits with our custom prebiotic fiber blend of to make magic.

Take daily and poop well.

Fruit flavored fiber powder supplements

Bonny Is The Best Fiber Supplement

Nothing artificial.
Flavored with real fruit.
Prebiotic fiber for your gut.
Tastes great, makes you poop.

Bonny Fiber vs. Big Orange Competitor

Only The Best Gourmet Ingredients

We source the best ingredients that undergo the strictest quality standards. The ingredients included in our custom formula are 1) research-backed, 2) plant-based, and 3) all-natural.

A Certificate of Authenticity is obtained from all ingredient suppliers and supply chain partners follow current good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the FDA.

Plus Bonny is blended with love in the U.S.

Bonny is Naturally Better

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Plant-Based Wellness

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Fruit-Flavored Goodness

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Elegant, Sustainable Packaging

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Made in the US
with Love

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Female Founded & Owned