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TL;DR Female Founder renews interest in health during COVID. Finds fiber supplements lacking, so makes her own.

Once upon a time during COVID, there was a woman who became obsessed with wellness and nutrition and in turn realized what she was eating was not ideal. She went down a research rabbit hole... reading everything she could. She thought she knew the basics, but (spoiler alert) she didn't.

She also discovered that like 95% of Americans!!, she didn’t consume enough fiber.

She did what everyone does and Googled "best fiber supplements." That was a journey. Did your name have to end in ‘cil or ‘lax to be a fiber supplement she wondered? And why were the ingredients so bad? Artificial flavors and dyes like yellow #6? Oh and why the plastic tubs?

What other choice did she have? She took the plunge and purchased a few options. Mistake. She should have known they would taste bad too.

That's how Bonny was born. Our fearless leader decided to act and identified the best partners with industry expertise to work with.

Dear reader, you may ask what made her uniquely positioned to launch a sustainably designed fiber supplements brand. Well she did it before, previously launching an award-winning consumer products brand from scratch. In short, she gets sh*t done (no pun intended).

Our Founder

Jessica has been interviewed in a number of publications about fiber (of course!), being a female founder, entrepreneurship, consumer products, disruption & innovation, and more.

Bonny founder with Bonny fiber tin
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