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Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0

Real Fruit + Prebiotic Fiber = Epic Poops

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Gourmet Flavors W/Real Fruit

Tastes like fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie that grandma made with Maca Root to boost metabolism.

What Bonny Does

Makes pooping regular & painless | Makes you feel fuller longer | Regulates your blood sugar

Nutritional Facts Here

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Happily pooping Bonny fiber users
Images of Happily pooping Bonny users
How to Use Bonny. (It's Easy.)
There is a how to Bonny video included in the product images above.

For best results, take Bonny fiber supplement daily. Do NOT add to hot liquids. This accelerates the gel-ing of the psyllium husk. New to fiber? Start with half a serving per day to let your body adjust to the increase in fiber.

Want to step up your chef game? Add Bonny to your morning smoothie, yogurt, or your favorite recipe. New Bonny 2.0 tins have comprehensive directions printed on the side. You asked we listened.
Amazing Health Benefits in One Glass
Our all-natural, fruit flavored fibers are prebiotic, adaptogenic, delicious, and fabulous. Fiber is the easiest way to get healthier today.

Fiber is *so* much more than just helping you go #2 including:
✔️ Helping boost immunity (70% of your immune system is located in your gut!);
✔️ Aiding with weight management by helping you feel fuller longer (fiber slows digestion);
✔️ Regulating blood sugar levels and helping lower cholesterol. No blood sugar spikes. Monk fruit sweetener contains 0 calories, carbs or fats.
✔️ Improves the look and feel of your skin (fiber helps improve blood circulation).
✔️ Supports gut health (prebiotics are fuel for the good bacteria in your gut)
Full Ingredient List
Strawberry Serenity
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Strawberry Juice Powder, Natural Strawberry Guava Flavor, Coconut Sugar, Beet Root Juice Powder, Ashwagandha Root, Citric Acid, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Mixed Ripe Berry
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Elderberry Juice Powder, Coconut Sugar, Blueberry Juice Powder, Raspberry Juice Powder, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Citric Acid, Ashwagandha Root, Natural Orange Flavor, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Amplified Apple Pie
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Apple Juice Powder, Natural Apple Flavor, Coconut Sugar, Maca Root, Citric Acid, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Mango Passionfruit
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Coconut Sugar, Natural Mango Flavor, Lemon Juice Powder, Ashwagandha Root, Natural Passionfruit Flavor, Citric Acid, Natural Lime Flavor, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Chocolate Coffee Swirl
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Natural Chocolate Flavor WONK, Coconut Sugar, Spray Dried Coffee, Maca Root, Reishi Mushroom, and Monk Fruit Extract. Each 10g serving contains 12mg of caffeine.

Matcha Magic
Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Coconut Sugar, Natural Pear Flavor, Matcha Green Tea, Chlorella, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Citric Acid, and Monk Fruit Extract.

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Orders ship within 24 hours Monday to Thursday, before 2pm central on Fridays. Bonny ships from the middle of the U.S. with fast & free shipping over $40. Otherwise shipping costs $5.99. Fiber should arrive in 2 to 4 business days for west and east coast orders. Shorter shipping times if closer to the middle of the U.S. We use USPS and FedEx as our carriers.

See our comprehensive refunds and returns page for details.

Product Quiz

Not sure which flavor of Bonny to choose? Take our crappy quiz to learn more.

Stop Constipation Now with Bonny

Bonny contain Psyllium Husk and Inulin which are soluble fibers that love absorbing water. In the gut they expand and create a lovely gut cleansing gel that bulks up the stool and picks up toxin hitch-hikers, taking them to the toilet where they belong! Sweet constipation pain and strain relief.

Bonus: Inulin is a prebiotic meaning it's food for the good bacteria in your gut. Bonny makes your poops epic and supports your microbiome!

How Bonny Fiber Works In your gut

Bonny Video Reviews

Mango Passionfruit Bonny fiber supplements

Try a Sample First

Worried you won't like Bonny? We get it. To prove our flavors are the best, we are now offering samples here! Fiber Shouldn't Taste Like Crap 💩

95% of Americans Don't Get Enough Fiber

That's probably you! It's sad because fiber is amazing. From pleasant poops to boosting immunity, fiber does the most.

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Feel Fuller Longer

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Painless Poops

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Improve Skin Look & Feel

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Blood Sugar

Wait, What are Adaptogens?

“Adapto-what?” Perhaps it's a new term or maybe you had an adaptogen in your morning smoothie (look at you!).

Adaptogens are all-natural super herbs and mushrooms that help us adapt and combat everyday stressors. They are appropriately named adaptogens because they are believed to help us “adapt” to and manage the various sources of stress in our life.

Learn more in our blog post here.

Bonny is Naturally Better

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Made in the
USA with love

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No Artificial

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Female Founded & Owned

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Robert Askins (Brooklyn, NY, US)

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0

Kera (Monroe, NC, US)
Smooth Move

Love this product! I bought the gut health package and all the flavors taste good . It’s helped me so much !

Happy Uranus (Newton, MA, US)
berry and mango- holy crap! Matcha tastes like sh*t.

Happy to have tried the berry sample packs and love the mango. The matcha reminds me of what comes out during a colonoscopy prep. Will buy the mango and berry again.

Chris Cassatto (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Saving on TP

15 min of using Bonny each day has saved me 15% or more on my TP bills.

This is how you write a review. Glad we could help with the bills.

Barb G.

Yes I do love my Bonny! I go every day and I put it in my plain nonfat yogurt. Wanna try the mango too

Kait (Head of Westport, MA, US)
Now this is the sh*t I like!

Visits to the bathroom are smooth and painless! My stomach is less bloated, considering I’m going more and my BM have more bulk! The berry one tastes the best!

Lisa Roszko (Ashland, PA, US)
I'm seriously impressed!

As a lifelong IBS sufferer, I wanted to give this product a good chance before reviewing and it is awesome. I started with 2 tsp daily for 2 weeks and then increased to the full dose. I have NEVER been regular, (it's always been a viscious cycle of constipation/diarrhea) and now i AM literally every day within the same time frame. I have the berry and it tastes really great too. So happy i found this! will be upgrading to a subscription!

Bella Brusilovsky (Rexford, NY, US)
Did not meet expectations

Do not feel Amy difference

Bella, We are sorry to hear this. Please reach out to customer service directly so we can better understand your usage of the product. Consistency is the key (like with most things.) First, we always recommend speaking with a medical professional who has a full understanding of your medical history as there may be other issues at play. Our customers who see the best results 1) take a full serving of the product daily and 2) drink a lot of water to help fiber do its dirty job in your gut. Hope this helps get things moving.

Patricia Weller (Oakland, CA, US)
Pretty good poop

Tastes better than others. Not a complete answer, but it helps. The stuff can harden up even with the disiccant pack inside. I pushed it through a sieve to get it back to a useable texture.

Patricia, Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear your poops are pretty, pretty, pretty good. We have increased the size of the disicciant and suggest keeping the Bonny lid tightly sealed and the packaging in a room temperature place. Humdity is not Bonny's friend. A sieve or blender will help with mixing if the powder does being to combine. Team Bonny

Tiffannie S.
I love bonny!! 😊

"This is the only thing that seems to work for me!"