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Prebiotic Fiber: The Supplement for Pleasant Poops

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Raise your hand if you have spent too much time on the toilet recently? Hands up again if there was pain getting things to come out? Say hello to your new friend: prebiotic fiber.

Yes, we know, there are a lot of “biotics” out there and it can get confusing. Maybe you are already familiar with theprobiotics (go you!). But there is another component for a healthy gut that you might be missing: prebiotic fiber. Adding prebiotic fiber to your diet helps the good bacteria in your gut flourish aka prebiotics. 

Wait. What’s a Prebiotic? 

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Probiotics seem to get all the good PR these days, but prebiotics are just as important for your gut and overall health! Prebiotics are special plant fibers that your body can’t actually digest, but help healthy bacteria grow in your gut. Those healthy bacteria help your digestive system work better (aka give you more pleasant, smoother poops.) You need a healthy digestive system to help rid your body of waste among contributing to other health benefits. 

Prebiotics can: 

  • Help you absorb calcium
  • Change the rate at which foods cause spikes in blood sugar, aka the glycemic index 
  • Ferment foods faster, so they spend less time in your digestive system (aka help you not get constipated, which is the worst!) 
  • Keep the cells that line your gut healthy and happy 

Let’s Break It Down: Prebiotic vs. Probiotic 

To make it simple, probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in your gut. (Yes, there really is such a thing as good bacteria!) Prebiotics are the food that the probiotic bacteria eat, which is why you need plenty of prebiotics to keep your gut healthy. Probiotics and prebiotics work together to keep your gut (and you!) in a happy and healthy working order. Similar names, different functions. 

Prebiotics and Fiber

Now, you’re probably wondering exactly how fiber and prebiotics are related. Prebiotics *are* fibers! Sadly, most Americans are not eating enough fiber in their diet alone, which can lead to a myriad of health problems, including bloating and constipation. There are so many beautiful benefits of fiber, like timely toilet time, feeling fuller longer, regulating blood sugar levels, boosting your immunity, and helping you look and feel fabulous overall. 

Is Prebiotic Fiber Good For You?

Oh yes! Let’s count the ways that prebiotic fiber can benefit your body

Prebiotic Fiber Keeps Your Gut Happy

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You might not think too much about your gut (or maybe you’re here because you spend a lot of time thinking about your gut. If so, we see you, friend.) But your gut is the center of your body in more ways than one. 

Your gut’s job is to break down the food you eat and absorb its nutrients, then convert those nutrients into energy. What good are the nutrients you are putting in your body, if they aren’t absorbed? Your gut needs a balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Prebiotic fiber keeps the “good” bacteria fed, so it can keep the “bad” bacteria from taking over your gut. 

Prebiotic Fiber Modulates Your Immune System 

We are all doing our best to improve our immunity during these times. Sure, you have your hand sanitizer in your bag at all times but what about maintaining your immune system, too? 70% of your immune system is located in your gut! Yes, your gut plays a huge role in keeping you healthy. When you have good gut health, you have a better immune system. 

Prebiotic Fiber Improves Bone Health

You need strong bones to protect your organs, carry bone marrow for the production of blood cells, and help maintain your body’s pH balance. Prebiotic fiber helps you get strong bones by helping your body absorb calcium. How, you may ask? Well, bacterial fermentation of prebiotic fiber in the gut creates specific fatty acids. If you lower the pH in your colon, those fatty acids can increase the amount of calcium you absorb. More prebiotic fiber please!

Prebiotic Fiber Helps with Weight Management

If you are watching your weight, prebiotic fiber can assist. Prebiotics can help you feel more full because the body doesn’t digest fiber, they reduce the feeling of hunger, and protect against the risk of obesity and diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. Fiber also tends to be a low calorie food.

Foods That Are High in Prebiotic Fiber 

There are some fabulous foods that are high in prebiotic fiber: apples, asparagus, leeks, dandelion greens, bananas, and seaweed. But here’s the thing: you will need to eat a lot of these foods to get the recommended daily amount. That’s where your favorite prebiotic fiber supplement, Bonny, comes in. Bonny helps you get your daily dose of prebiotic fiber! 

How Does Prebiotic Fiber Make You Poop?

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Prebiotic fiber can help improve both the consistency and frequency of your poop. If you’re worried that you’re not pooping the right amount, prebiotic fiber can help. 

As mentioned, prebiotic fiber helps you create an environment in your gut that is ideal for good digestive health. The prebiotic fiber feeds the probiotics, which help break down the food in your digestive system and pass that waste through your body, smoothly and easily. 

If you want smooth poops and no more endless wiping after a bowel movement, you need prebiotic fiber. Get those miraculous ghost wipes after a poop! 

Get Pleasant Poops with Bonny

Here’s the deal: now you know that you need prebiotic fiber. Most studies suggest you need to eat between three and five grams of prebiotics a day to get all the good benefits in your gut. While it is best to try to get enough prebiotic fiber from the food you eat, it can be really tough to meet your quota. That’s why you need a fiber supplement, like Bonny! 

If you’re thinking, “I’ve tried a fiber supplement already and it was gross!” Forget everything you know about those other fiber supplements. Bonny is fancy all-natural, plant-based prebiotic fiber for your gut that actually tastes good.

Bonny comes in delicious flavors that you will crave daily like Apple Pie, Ripe Mixed Berries and Super Strawberry.

As always, we wish you pleasant (and smooth) poops! 

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