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Bonny targets daily fiber needs via supplement collection

Bonny is aiming to help consumers meet their daily fiber needs with the launch of natural, organic and clean fiber supplements.

The female-founded health-and-wellness brand's new supplements contains a proprietary blend of fiber powder that is vegan and free of sugar and gluten, as well as features more than 7 g of fiber per serving, the company said.

“During the pandemic, I got on a major health kick and discovered that nearly 95% of Americans weren’t getting enough fiber. When I couldn’t find a supplement that met my standards of natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, I decided to make one of my own,” said Jessica Postiglione, founder and CEO. “I knew if I was looking for a product like this, others would be too.” 

Packaged in a sustainable and plastic-free design that contains forever recyclable steel tins and Forest Stewardship Council certified recyclable labels, Bonny is available in three flavors — chocolate hazelnut dream, extremely unflavored and vanilla berry bliss.

Retailing for $34 per tin, Bonny’s products are currently available on

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