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Bonny Flat Lay
Bonny Flat Lay


Meet fiber, the overlooked wonder nutrient that can help make your bathroom breaks painless, help you feel fuller longer, reduce bloating, boost energy levels, and so much more.

Yes, fiber is that amazing and you may be asking yourself, how much fiber do I need to start feeling regular and why isn't there a monument dedicated to fiber?!? (Mount Fibermore, obviously.)

Read on answers to these and other fiber-related questions.


Pop quiz: How much is the daily fiber recommendation? The target is 25+ grams for women and more for men.

95% of Americans don't hit that number. That's probably you.

It's hard to get enough fiber from diet alone. Who can eat 5.6 apples or 83 baby carrots a day? We couldn't even make a graphic with that many baby carrots. (Seriously, we tried.)

Fiber supplements can help you reach your daily fiber goals.

Daily Fiber Goal: 25 grams which is the equivalent of eating 5.6 medium apples at 4.4 grams of fiber each.


Our fiber supplements are swipe right worthy. Bonny is better-for-you, better looking, and better-for-the-environment.

Bonny means beautiful in Scottish and that how fiber should look, taste and make you feel.

Fiber is an amazing nutrient and Bonny is paying respect with elegant packaging, delicious flavors and a custom fiber blend of psyllium husk, chia seeds and inulin that gives you all the fiber benefits like regularity, without the bloating.

Chocolate Hazelnut Dream and Vanilla Berry Bliss taste so good you will think they are desserts. Make fiber your daily treat.

Match-up of Bonny vs. outdated market leaders in fiber


Stuck in a fiber rut?

Bonny offers far more fiber per serving than the leading plastic tub competitors (25%+ vs. 10% to 16%).

What's the point of a fiber supplement if it doesn't have any fiber in it? Bonny offers a premium formula with only natural and organic ingredients.

Our custom fiber blend contains mutiple fiber sources, expertly balanced to provide your gut with a superior experience. Competitors only offer one fiber source.

Fiber per serving: comparing Bonny to competitors


You know the feeling when you get that nudge from your body telling you, "Hey time to get rid of the garbage piling up down here." You try to ignore it, but the feeling persists.

You make your way to the toilet and tell you body "OK, but I don't want any pain and don't have the energy to force it."

What you need is that perfect flow out of the body with minimal need for clean-up; that's the power of Bonny's proprietary fiber blend. Eliminate the runs to - and in - the bathroom.


We love our customers and our customers love how Bonny makes them feel.

After Bonny-ing, you will want to tell your friends about how r-e-g-u-l-a-r you have become. Then you may pause and think, "Is that TMI?" but who cares your digestive tract is on a roll.

Seriously, Bonny is bringing 7+ grams of fiber per serving to the table. We don't stop there.

This sustainable tin also helps with heart health, boosts immunity and assists in weight loss.

Customer review: "introduced the 'Regulator' to my BM schedule... I'll just say everything is under control, well-packed and r-e-g-u-l-a-r. Thank you Bonny..."


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Verified purchaser (Glastonbury, CT, US)
Verified Again!

Another reorder for a GREAT product! Best of its kind around!!

Hannah Wilson (Cheyenne, WY, US)
Really wanted to love these...

I'm not a big fan of unflavored fiber supplements, and unfortunately I can't stomach either of the flavored versions because the taste of stevia is so overpowering. As a customer, I'd really love to see brands that insist on going the no sugar route go with -no sweeteners at all- so customers can add their own rather than putting stevia in everything, since a lot of people can't stand the taste of it. I'm not even particularly sensitive there and tolerate it fine in a lot of products, thus why I gave these a shot, but even using half of the recommended serving size, the sweetness/flavor was very much like a diet soda with a very gross lingering aftertaste. I had really high hopes, but I won't be repurchasing.

Hannah, We really wanted you to love these too. We have read your review and shared it with our formulator. We appreciate your feedback and continue to work to innovate and improve. All the best, Team Bonny

Donna Martin (Portland, ME, US)

Helps my bowels

Anonymous (Kennewick, WA, US)
Horrible Flavor

Wow, ok I’m surprised that this fiber supplement, that prides itself on the flavors, tastes this bad!! Maybe the vanilla berry is better? But I can’t even get through one serving of the chocolate hazelnut without gagging. I tried it with water first and almost threw up. Then I tried it with milk which was definitely better but still gag inducing! I actually haven’t even been able to feel the feeling yet cause I can’t even take one serving it tastes so bad! I’m thinking about putting chocolate syrup in with the milk to see if that makes it bareable?! Ugh! A waste of money.

We take all feedback very seriously and are curious to learn more about how you are using the product to better understand the taste issues you are experiencing.

Are you taking two rounded spoonfuls of powder (or 2.4 baking teaspoons) per serving or more? Are you adding at least 8 ounces of cold liquid per serving?

We also recommend continuing to stir until all powder is combined either by hand, using a frother or a blender.

Brittanie Price (Vista, CA, US)
Bonny: Making "Regular" - Extraordinary & Insanely Tasty

My life is full. I love my kid. I love my husband. I love my job. But sometimes my full life leaves no room for alone time. Pure, unadulterated alone time. What I don't like? Being holed up in the bathroom trying to make fetch happen -ya know what I mean?

Enter Bonny. With just a few scoops a day, Bonny makes room. Room for the news, a couple scrolls through TikToks, catch-up texts and most importantly, room for ME.

All at times I can set my watch to ;)

Feeling empty has never been more filling. It's sugar-free. Yet, insanely tasty. Bottom line: Bonny transforms the bathroom into the best seat in the house. 10/10 highly recommend.

My only wish? That Bonny was around when I was preggo - iykyk💩

De Anna R.
Need a happy belly

Need a happy belly

Yvette Romero (San Francisco, CA, US)
How can something this yummy be good for you

I am new to fiber supplements, Bonny is a great way to start. The flavor is very impressive - I added water and half & half since I don't drink milk, and ended up with a deliciously smooth drink. I found myself drinking it as a snack after lunch.

Kelly McNally (Portland, OR, US)
Love this stuff...

So yeah, I admit they sucked me in with organic fiber and a cunning tin... I'm a little hipster bougie that way. But, straight up? This stuff is awesome. I've been working on my gut health for some time, and this feels like the final piece I was missing. The texture's about what you'd expect, but the flavor (berry vanilla) is actually pretty good, and I weirdly enjoy drinking it.

SpinforWine (New York, NY, US)
Thank you

I work out 6x a week and watch what I eat. I take multivitamins for added nutrients and wanted to add more fiber to my diet. Bonny does the trick. I add to a after workout shake along with protein powder. Never been this regular or felt this healthy. Also keeps my full.

Kathy Werley (Quakertown, PA, US)
It is not all that you say so far

It is okay and i take it daily. It doesnt help as you say yet. Maybe it will take longer but any suggestions would be great.