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Three Bonny tins lined up on a white background
Three Bonny tins lined up on a white background


You're skeptical. You're telling yourself, "I get enough fiber."

Pop quiz: How much is the daily fiber recommendation? The target is 25+ grams for women and more for men.

95% of Americans don't hit that number because who can eat 5.6 apples a day or 83 baby carrots? We couldn't even make a graphic with that many baby carrots. (Seriously, we tried.)

Read on friends. Bonny fiber is about to blow your mind.

Daily Fiber Goal: 25 grams which is the equivalent of eating 5.6 medium apples at 4.4 grams of fiber each.


Maybe you have tried fiber supplements before and didn't care for them. Let's pretend this is a boxing match to explain why Bonny is a contender.

In this corner, meet Bonny. Weighting in at under a pound, this rookie is ready to impress with movie-star looks and the ingredients to back it up. Focused on making a name of themselves, they are nimble, hungry and out fibering the competition 4-to-1.

In the other corner, meet Plastic McGeecil, the veteran who has seen some stuff in their time. They still talk about that fight they won in 1978, add granulated sugar to corn flakes and think Keto is name of a TV dog.

Match-up of Bonny vs. outdated market leaders in fiber


You know the feeling. You start to feel a gentle nudge from your body telling you, "hey time to get rid of the garbage piling up down here." Maybe you ignore it, you are busy or on a Zoom call, but that nudge persists.

You make your way to the toilet and tell you body "OK, but I don't have the time to try to make this happen. Don't need any pain and don't have the energy to force it."

What you need is that perfect flow out of the body with minimal need for clean-up; that's the power of Bonny's proprietary fiber blend. Eliminate the runs to - and in - the bathroom. Relief in a tin.


We love our customers and our customers love how Bonny makes them feel.

After Bonny-ing, you will want to tell your friends about how r-e-g-u-l-a-r you have become. Then you may pause and think, "Is that TMI?" but who cares your digestive tract is on a roll.

Seriously, Bonny is bringing 7+ grams of fiber per serving to the table. We don't stop there.

This sustainable tin also helps with heart health, boosts immunity and assists in weight loss.

Customer review: "introduced the 'Regulator' to my BM schedule... I'll just say everything is under control, well-packed and r-e-g-u-l-a-r. Thank you Bonny..."


If you are going to take a fiber supplement, there better be a good amount of fiber in that supplement. Seems straightforward, right?

Sadly that is NOT the case with leading fiber supplements. Our old friend Plastic McGeecil has only 10% of your daily goal fiber per serving. Plastic tubs and not that much fiber, that's a shame.

Our Bonny is all about that fiber with 25% to 29% of your daily fiber goal depending on the flavor.