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Based on 108 reviews
Taste Samples
Judy (Glendale, CA, US)
The Regulator

this product has helped me tremendously ... certain medications causes constipation and having most of my sigmoid colon removed, this product has helped me able to have BM's without too much straining and has helped bulked up my deposits.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Heather Cunerty (Claremont, CA, US)

The last Bonny is full of large rocks of powder. It must have gotten moisture in it.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Tastebuds Sad (New York, NY, US)
Did not like taste

I took one sip. My nyc apartment smelled like a vitamin the second the jar was open. It didn’t taste great. Put it directly into trash.

We are sorry to hear you did not care for Mango Passionfruit. Can you provide more feedback to help us improve the product? Our fiber is flavored with real fruit and the powder takes on that aroma of the fruit. We have four other flavors to explore that may be more to your liking. We welcome you to contact customer service to address the issue.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Amy (East Norwich, NY, US)
Poop is my life!

Thank god for Bonny. Helped to get the train moving again and for that I’m so grateful…!

 I need this supplement so bad.

I had a perennial abscess this year that turned into a fistula that I am still suffering from. This has truly helped me.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Porntip Kay Lueshavanish (Jackson Heights, NY, US)
Best Supporting fiber ever!!!

Love the product. Soften my poops and the taste is great

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Jason N. (Portland, OR, US)
It just works

I bought this as a stop gap until my nutritionist restocked their fiber blend. No need, I’ll just be sticking with Bonny!

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Barbara Lee (Oxford, PA, US)
Crapalistic! Feels good to 💩

What a blessing! I never thought I’d say that about pooping, butt it’s true. Before Bonny, I was having watery BMs. Now I’m happy to report bulked up 💩. The chocolate flavor is very good. Glad to have found Bonny.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Leslie Johnson (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Happy poops!

Tastes good and produces happy poops!

Misery most of my life

For 10 years since I was 66 real terrible digestive issues. Bought Bonny and I was encouraged at day 4 then had a big flare even had to resort to an enema which I almost never do but now day 12 to 15 I am a different healthy pain free regular gal.

Taste Samples
Maria B Demere (Lincoln, CA, US)
Didn’t work

Waste of $$$$$

The sample packets are for testing the taste of the product, not for efficacy. It takes more than 3 days of daily use for the majority of our customers to see results in the bathroom. And the pleasant poops are worth it! Other happily pooping reviewers can attest to Bonny's life-changing results with continued daily use.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Connie Staggs (Chicago, IL, US)
Easy Poop

Are you tired of groaning and straining just to make a poop? If so try Bonny. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. Now having the easiest poops I have had in a long time. So don't be a strainer, moaner and groaner, give this product a try. Your butt and gut will be happy you did!

I am so attached to my Bonny.

Honestly it creates the kind of poop that dreams are made up. If people had poop dreams... and they should, shouldn't they!? We called them 'biggies" when I was growing up and I call my mood after my bathroom trips now my "biggie glow". The feeling of this glow lasts hours! :-))) One by one I have recruited my family.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
E.L. (Lititz, PA, US)
Give it time

I received my order on a Friday and took a half serving (as recommended if you're new to fiber) in the evening then again the next morning. Nothing happened, yet, but I felt really full and felt like it was only a matter of time. I took a full serving the next morning and by that evening I went three times in a row...haven't felt this great in 20 years! Started my morning with a serving the next day and within 1.5 hours, I was in the bathroom! I hope this is my new pattern! My belly hasn't felt this flat in as long as I can remember! I'm glad I didn't give up and gave it time to do it's thing. The berry flavor is really light and mixes well. I will definitely be reordering! Thank you, Bonny. P.S. Their customer service is amazing as well!

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Melissa Roysden (Hendersonville, TN, US)
Great and effective

Tastes great and is very effective

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Maddie (Montville, NJ, US)
Finally … Bonny is “Just right!"

For years I have been the Goldilocks of pooping - either I’m constipated and can’t go enough or I take something to help and it’s like turning on a faucet! Just couldn’t find something that was right for me. Since I’ve been taking Bonny for about 10 days I feel like Goldilocks, I finally found something that’s “JUST RIGHT”!! Solid, easy poops on the daily:) You might say it's a fairy tale come true!

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Chris (Steger, IL, US)
Mixed Feelings

Nice addition to your regime for good health. The flavor is a little light, may try Strawberry if I keep the subscription. The price is a big hurdle considering the ingredients and the market. I was also disappointed that you would not provide the actual amounts of “other” ingredients. I am trying to monitor some things and was very interested in the mushroom complex. Would not provide the mg when I reached out. I wasn’t looking for the recipe, just wanted to know what I was putting in my body.

Regarding the price, we offer a custom blend of fibers (psyllium husk and prebiotic inulin) that our competitors do not. This blend of soluble and insoluble fibers is also why our Bonny gets things moving when other competitors fail to do so. Big Orange is less expensive, yes, but is also filled with artificial ingredients like colors and dyes, and depending on the blend a lot of refined sugar. We have high-quality ingredients and natural flavors from real fruit. Bonny is 100% natural and contains no refined sugar or erythritol. Regarding our formula, even our mothers don't know the breakdown. Respectfully, we do have to keep our special blend private.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Shannon Benink (Colleyville, TX, US)
So far so good

Seems to be helping! Planning on ordering another flavor.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Rebecca M. (Luray, VA, US)
Giving it time

Pros: Product tastes great, mixes well and I’m not choking it down. The first week and a half—WOW! Instant difference. I really felt “cleaned out” and lighter. A few days after, the progress slowed and I noticed some bloating a gas. I have tried taking it at different times, and moved back the dosage. Giving it the full month (actually at least 60 days, as that’s really how long supplements take to become a new normal). Hopeful.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Adelle Moore (Hampton, GA, US)
To poop or not to poop

That’s the question, without Bonny the question is answered “not to poop” with Bonny the answer is “to poop” pick your own title and pick wisely..
I never had the urge to go for the past 3 years, needless to say I have spent hundreds on dollars on poop claiming products. Until I found Bonny, I am actually writing my review from the bathroom lol. With this product I have the urge every two days and I go, now even though it’s just a little it’s progress, I’ve only been taking it for a week and it’s the only thing that has ever worked, I am excited to see what progress I make in a month. I cannot stress it enough Try Bonny you would not regret it..

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Gloria Wilford (Fort Mill, SC, US)
Chocolate Caca

Taste like chocolate Yahoo only watery.
Seems to be helping clean out the pipes.
I still need Herb-a-lax but the addition of Bonnie is giving it form.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
Sandra Smith (Colorado Springs, CO, US)

When I first tried Bonny fiber it was the sample package and I love them. I was having great bowl movements so I decided to order the canister fiber,and nothing is happening except for bloating! I cut down on how much to use so will see how that does. I was so excited when I use the sample pack because I was finally going to the bathroom.I’m not giving up yet hope this works!

Sandra, We read your review and wanted to troubleshoot. If you are new to fiber, we recommend starting with a half serving for the first three days to allow your body time to adjust and minimize any potential bloating.

Once you are regular fiber actually reduces bloating because it flushes out all the stuff that can puff you up. We have a deep dive on bloating and fiber as a blog post. Our customers who see the best results also drink a lot of water to help fiber flush out the colon, bulk up the stool, and take waste to the toilet where it belongs.

The good news is that the samples and full tin are the same so if it worked once, Bonny should work again. Please reach out to to chat more.


I had high hopes for this product. It hasn’t worked for me at all. It has actually made my constipation worse. Very gassy as well. Am on my 3rd week.

We are sorry to hear this. We see your order was delivered at the very end of May, less than two weeks ago. We have some customers who need two weeks or more of daily use to get moving. Our customers who experience the best poops ever, take the product daily with a lot of water (more water than you think) which helps fiber to bulk up your stool, flush out the colon, and get waste to the toilet where it belongs. We encourage you (and all customers) to email us at so we can better understand your usage of the product.

Bonny Fiber Powder 2.0
C. (Ridley Park, PA, US)
Bonny Works Too Good!

After just two days I was becoming best friends with my bathroom! Not only was I feeling not bloated or stopped up... I was downright empty! I contacted Bonny and they immediately responded to my question... is too much too much? They agreed halving the amount of Bonny could be my answer... and it was!
A truly great product... THANKS!

I have cut my

Your product is amazing.

I have been dealing with a fissure for almost 6 months. I'm not able to get to the specialist till August so as you can imagine, I have been doing a TON of research because this girl is.... WAS miserable. One of the best way to "treat" fissures is to seek out the perfect poo... imperfect poo is what got me here In the first place LOL. Within 3 days of using your fiber ( the amplified apple pie ) I can 💩 without feeling like I'm passing shards of glass.....and I'm not miserable after either. I've been using your product now for a week and I'd say I'm at a 70% improvement. There have been days it's been so bad that I have contemplated calling in to work because of my blown O ring.....butt, Bonny fiber to the rescue! I think was taking psyllium before and there was no improvement, so I really think inulin is the way to go. Thank you for your product. It's literally a game changer.