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Best Supplements for Gut Health

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We are big fans of gut health because it plays a huge role in our overall well-being. Did you know that 70 percent of our immune system is located in the gutYes, you really are what you eat. So how do we make sure our gut is healthy and able to fight off infections and natural diseases? Well, part of the answer is eating more fiber but read on to learn more.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Do you know that our gut is also connected to our brain?

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Gut health or digestive wellness is more than just addressing the potential issues in our gut because our brain and gut are connected. Numerous studieshave shown that a lack of well-being can contribute to digestive problems.Improving digestive health supports overall well-being and vice versa. 

So how do we take care of our gut? 

There are a number of ways we can make sure our gut is in first-rate shape:

  • Regular Exercise. Regular physical activity aids the movement of food in the body, helping us to avoid constipation and assisting with weight management.
  • Stay Hydrated. Drinking water helps create softer, bulkier stools, allowing them to leave our bodies easily (a glorious poop experience indeed!).
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Reducing or eliminating things such as smoking and too much caffeine or alcohol, as they may cause stomach ulcers or heartburn. 
  • Practice Stress Management. Stress is part of our hyperactive lives and unfortunately, it can cause our digestive system to go on overdrive. Look to stress-reducing activities like mediation, physical activity, taking a nap or listening to your favorite Spotify playlist.
  • Consume gut-friendly food. To help take care of your gut health, avoid foods that are high in fat, and instead look to lean meats, fermented foods, vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruits. Also consider taking probiotics, which feed the good bacteria in the gut.
  • High-Fiber Diet: High-fiber food such as apples, avocados, pears, bananas, and broccoli aids the movement in the digestive tract, which in turn helps prevent constipation, as well as other health conditions such as diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.

Adding more fiber to your diet is one of the easiest ways to improve your gut health immediately.

How Much Fiber Do I Need?

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USDA recommends a daily fiber intake of 25 grams of fiber for women and 38 grams of fiber for men. For example, you would have to eat 6 medium apples to hit your daily goal of 25 grams of fiber as a woman. That's a lot of apples!

It turns out that 95% of Americans are nowhere near their daily fiber goals. If you are having trouble hitting your fiber goals via diet alone, a fiber supplement is a great way to fill the gap and support gut health. 

And where to get the best gut health supplement? Enter Bonny. 

Bonny: Great for the Gut Health

Yep, that’s right. Bonny is a great gut health supplement. 

Bonny is a prebiotic fiber powder supplement made up of a custom blend of psyllium husk powder and inulin for a crafted combo of soluble and insoluble fibers. Read about all our ingredients here.

Think of the fiber in Bonny as a broom for the gut, cleaning out the intestines making sure our gut stays healthy. As we said at the beginning, you are what you eat. 

If you think fiber powders all taste horrible, you are right. That's why our founder created Bonny, an all-natural, fruit-flavored fiber powder for your gut in flavors like Apple Pie, Mixed Ripe Berries, and Super Strawberry.

Bonny's plant-based, all-natural, fiber supplement is the easiest and best way to add more fiber to your diet and protect your gut health. 

It’s always a great time to start taking charge of your health. When starting a new health regimen, don’t forget to check in with your doctor.

As always, we wish you pleasant poops and a healthy gut!