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What Is the Best Fiber Supplement?

  • 3 min read

So, you’ve tried it all: the pre-packaged fiber bars you picked up from your local health food store, the gross fiber gummies that are mostly sugar, and you tried to add as many fiber-rich foods as you can to your diet. But you still can’t find a fiber supplement you actually enjoy, and feel like that special supplement is missing from your life.

Bonny is different. It’s delicious and has all the right things inside. We know: you don’t often hear the words “delicious” and “fiber” in the same sentence, right? But trust us: whichever flavor of Bonny you try, you’ll find that it is the best fiber supplement out there (or your money back). 

Best Fiber Supplement

So, what are you looking for in your dream fiber supplement? You want it to work well for you, help you feel like a better, healthier person, and ideally, taste good, right? Luckily, Bonny is just that dream fiber you’ve been looking for. Bonny has it ALL: natural ingredients, tons of fiber, deliciousness, and comes in a beautiful AND sustainable tin. 

Here are just a few reasons why Bonny is the best fiber supplement: 

  • Delicious formula 
  • All-natural and 
  • Female-founded (yes, girl!) 
  • Nothing artificial 
  • Made in America
  • Fun flavors 
  • Vegan
  • Prebiotic 
  • No gluten! 

Wait, So WhatIs in Bonny?

One of the other reasons Bonny is the best fiber supplement isn’t just because of what’snot in it, but also whatis in it. 

  • Psyllium Husk: A natural soluble fiber source that absorbs water, softens your stool and promotes digestive cleansing. 
  • Inulin Chicory Root: A natural prebiotic soluble fiber that promotes digestive cleansing and has the added bonus of being a natural sweetener. 

How to Incorporate Fiber Powder Into Your Diet

One of the best things about Bonny is that there are endless ways you can incorporate our fiber powder into your diet. Simply add a serving into your morning glass of water, your favorite smoothie bowl, or bake it into your favorite treat. (And if you come up with any other fun ways to add more Bonny to your life, let us know! We love hearing how our friends and customers enjoy our favorite fiber supplement.) 

Drink It in Water (Or Another Cool Liquid) 

Simply combine one tablespoon of Bonny with at least eight ounces of cool water, or your other favorite cool to lukewarm beverage, like green juice or almond milk. (Though we do suggest using a frother or a blender!) Pro tip: try adding a spoonful of Bonny to a glass of vanilla almond milk. It’s your favorite childhood treat, but all grown up and good for you! 

Add It to a Smoothie 

Or, get more creative and throw a spoonful of Bonny into your morning smoothie or post-workout protein shake. 

Bake It!

Who says that fiber has to be boring? If you perfected your blueberry banana bread recipe during quarantine, enrich it with some added fiber by adding a spoonful or two of Bonny to your recipe.  

Is Bonny a Prebiotic Fiber Supplement? 

Don’t worry, Bonny is a prebiotic fiber supplement. 

Wait, Back Up. What Is a Prebiotic?

Okay, you might be thinking: prebiotic? I already take a probiotic or wait is that a probiotic?! A prebiotic is a type of fiber that our human bodies cannot digest. You can think of a prebiotic as the food for probiotics, which are actually tiny living microorganisms, like yeast and bacteria. Both prebiotics and probiotics support your gut health! 

One of the stars of Bonny is inulin, a prebiotic fiber that helps slow digestion and regulates your blood sugar levels. High fiber five!

Why Bonny Is the Best Fiber Supplement

But wait there is more... We still have a few more reasons why Bonny is the best fiber supplement: 

Actually *Enjoy* Getting Your Fiber 

Yes, we all *need* more fiber in our diets. Before Bonny, making sure you got your daily dose of fiber was more of a chore than something you enjoyed. With Bonny, you’ll actually look forward to incorporating it into your daily routine. 

Try Bonny Today! 

We can go on and on about why we think Bonny is the best fiber supplement on the market today, but we’d rather hear what it is thatyou love about Bonny. Try Bonny today in one of our three delicious flavors, then come back and tell us what you heart about Bonny. We also love to hear how you enjoyed Bonny—as a beverage, for breakfast, or even in your favorite dessert.