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What Is the Best Fiber Supplement to Take Daily?

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Almost everyone (95% of us, in fact) need more of the f-word (fiber) in our daily life. Adding fiber to your daily routine has historically been a chore but now can make it enjoyable. Choose a fiber supplement that you actually like taking! At Bonny, we look forward to getting our daily fiber in because we offer fiber supplements that don’t taste like fiber supplements! (The never ending Zoom meetings are another story.)

Bonny is the best fiber supplement to take daily because it tastes good, and there are so many amazing ways to enjoy it. If you’re looking for a tasty treat you can have every day to get more fiber, you’ve found it with Bonny, by far the best fiber supplement you can enjoy on a daily basis. 

Do I Really Need a Daily Fiber Supplement? 

The answer is, yes, you really need a fiber supplement. Sorry, not sorry because Bonny is amazing! According to the Institute of Medicine, women aged 50 and younger need 25 grams of fiber each day, and men aged 50 or younger need 38 grams each day! If you’re on the other side of 50, men need to get 30 grams of fiber and women need 21 grams of fiber each day. 

Even the Mayo Clinic recommends that you use a supplement if you can’t eat enough fiber to meet the daily recommendation! Fiber has a ton of amazing health benefits, from helping keep you full longer (which may mean fewer trips to the kitchen for a snack!) to even reducing high cholesterol and inflammation. 

Benefits of Using a Fiber Supplement Powder Daily

There are so, so many benefits to taking a daily fiber supplement powder. Here are just a few reasons why adding some extra fiber to your daily routine can help: 

Hello Regular Poop Schedule 

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Okay, we know no one likes to talk about their poop routine, so we’ll keep it short. But an awesome fiber supplement can help you normalize your bowel movements and keep you regular! And we know that no one likes to be constipated. Adding a fiber supplement can help make your bathroom breaks quick, easy and painless. 

Lower Your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Inflammation

Fiber can fix what ails you! Adding a fiber supplement to your routine can actually help lower high cholesterol, as well as blood pressure and inflammation. 

Maintain Bowel Health 

Eating enough fiber is one way to prevent horrible conditions like hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. If you know anyone who struggles with these issues, you know that they are no fun and something to avoid. (Not so fun fact, hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy.)

Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals 

Adding fiber to your day helps keep you fuller longer, which means you will probably eat less and stay satisfied longer. A fiber supplement is a perfect way to fuel an active lifestyle. 

Helps You Live Healthier!

Several studies say that if you increase your daily fiber intake, you might even live longer because you are at a lower risk of heart disease and cancer

What Other Ingredients Should I Look For in a Daily Fiber Supplement? 

Not every daily fiber supplement is created equal. There are a few things to look for to make sure you choose the best fiber supplement to take daily. 

  • How does the supplement taste? 
  • Are the ingredients natural?
  • Does it contain soluble and insoluble fibers?

A fiber supplement should have fiber in it right? It's important to check how much fiber is actually in each serving of your current fiber supplement? Bonny contains 25% or more of your daily fiber needs in just one serving! 

Why Bonny Is the Best Fiber Supplement to Take Daily 

Bonny is the best fiber supplement and you can actually use it every day. From drinking it in a glass of cool water or almond milk to adding it to a smoothie, or even baking it into your favorite dessert, it’s versatile. Here are a few reasons why Bonny is the very best: 

It’s Delicious (Really!) 

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Inulin vs Psyllium Fiber Sources

Both inulin and psyllium are natural, plant-based starches that have a multitude of health benefits. Psyllium is a natural soluble fiber source that absorbs water, softens your stool, and promotes digestive cleansing. Inulin is a natural prebiotic soluble fiber that promotes digestive cleansing and also is a natural sweetener.  

With Bonny fiber supplements, you don’t need to choose between inulin and psyllium because Bonny has both! These two super ingredients work together to help give you all the best benefits. 

Amazing Ingredients

Bonny might help you poop, but we aren’t full of it.  After all, what good is your fiber supplement if it has a lot of crap in it (pun intended)? We source the very best ingredients, which undergo extremely strict quality assurance tests. Bonny has psyllium husk powder and prebiotic inulin and other natural ingredients to help deliver the fiber you need in a healthy and delicious way. 

Try Bonny Today! 

You’ve probably never wanted to tell your friends how much you love your new fiber supplement, but with Bonny, you will! It’s the best and easiest supplement to incorporate into any daily routine because it’s versatile, has the best ingredients, and can give you a glorious gut. What are you waiting for? Your gut deserves the best. Try it today!