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Anal Douching and How Fiber Can Help

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“What if poop comes out?” If ever you considered anal sex, then this thought might have crossed your mind.

If you have tried it, you may have taken a long, thorough shower before and hoped for the best. Others prefer to anally douche before anal play. 

Turns out the easiest way to keep your lovely booty clean is to get enough fiber in your diet! (More on that later.) We know you are curious about anal douching, so keep reading friends.

What is Anal Douching? 

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Well, it’s kinda what it sounds like. Anal douching is the flushing out of one’s rectum with water. Yes, it’s when you use a device like a squeezable bottle or tube to squirt water or other liquids (e.g. saline) up your gorgeous butt to “clean” it of any potential fecal matter. For those who took French, you may remember that douche actually means shower. 

Is Douching Safe?

Douching is supposed to be safe. Using water to clean your anal cavity is generally considered safe. You are sensing a but, (no pun intended). Where it may start to get a little unsafe is what you use to douche, how far things are inserted, and how many times you do it.

Douching too often or inserting the cleansing nozzle too far up the rectum can cause discomfort and open one up to infection.

Is it Necessary to Douche?

Actually, the anus is self-cleaning, according to experts, and sensitive so treat it with care. Soaps and cleansers, especially scented ones, may have additives that can irritate the area, especially if partnered with scrubbing. If you have the urge to clean your lovely booty, the experts say stick to using water.

But What If The Poop Comes Out?!

If you’re worried about the poop coming out during anal sex, the good news is the body is designed to hold the poop high enough until it’s time to go number two. A solid bath or shower should take care of any lingering matter. In theory, your poop is not hanging around waiting by the door unless it’s really time to go. But yes it can happen and your mind shouldn't be preoccupied with this during playtime. 

Types of Anal Douching

So you still want to anal douche. Ok, the first step is to use the proper equipment that works best for your fabulous body. Options include:

Bulb Douche

A quick search of the word “douche” will land you images of a rubber bag in a shape of a bulb with a small tube hanging out. These are called bulb douches and they are the most common and affordable types of anal douching kits. It usually includes two pieces – a reusable rubber or silicone bulb and a nozzle that you insert into it. 

To use the bulb douche, you fill the bulb with warm water and insert the nozzle into your butt. Gently squeeze the rubber bulb (especially if it’s your first time) to release the water inside your butt to start cleaning. Bulb douches can be found in sex toy shops and of course Amazon (like most everything, right?). The bulb douching process usually just gives you a shallow cleanse.

Enema Bags or Water Bags

Enema bags look like hot water bottles used as hot compresses but these bags are sold as part of an enema kit, complete with tube and nozzle, similar to the bulb enema. These enema bags come with longer tubes and some include a hook so you can hang the bag up as needed. 

Be careful when selecting this option as these types of enema bags hold more liquid than needed and it can be quite difficult to control the amount of water that will come out. Enema bags are available in drugstores and online shops. It is always recommended to read the product description first before buying as some may have more than just water, like solutions or cleansing liquids that may cause harm. To avoid infections, clean the enema bags and replace them often.

Shower Enemas

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A shower enema is a hose attached to or installed on your shower. While it seems convenient, these are not really recommended due to the unpredictable water pressure and temperature. Shower enemas require you to be extra careful when anally douching. 

If you prefer to use a shower enema, don’t insert the nozzle up your lovely booty, hold it close enough to the opening of your rectum. It will still give you a good clean feeling and avoid the possibility of burning your insides (ouch!). 

Fleet Enema

Fleet enemas are over-the-counter laxative treatments taken usually to treat short-term digestive issues like constipation. Fleet enemas usually come with instructions and results can happen in as fast as 5 minutes. However, if you notice other symptoms like bleeding, pain, blistering, a burning sensation, or other types of irritation in the area, which can be a possible side effect, STOP and immediately tell your doctor. Don’t use fleet enemas for more than the time prescribed, unless directed by your doctor. 

Laxatives are not recommended to be used regularly as they can disrupt the natural body rhythm of pooping. Laxatives should only be taken if you are treating constipation or irregular bowel movement over the short term.

Fiber supplements like Bonny can help get things moving without disrupting your poop schedule. 

How to Douche Safely 

When you decide to douche, it’s important to do it properly to avoid potential damage and pain:

  • Make sure that you use clean equipment to avoid the spread of bacteria. Choose the douching equipment that feels most comfortable for you.
  • Use warm water or one that is a little less lukewarm to avoid burning the mucosal lining. 
  • If you are using a lubricant, lubricate the tip of the douching device to make the insertion easier. 
  • Gently insert the nozzle or tube inside your lovely anus. Avoid forcing it in as you may accidentally tear the skin and cause bleeding. 
  • If this is your first time, squeeze or squirt water in for about 10 seconds. Expect to feel a little uneasy at first but know that you don’t need too much water. You only need to clean the first few inches inside your anal cavity. 
  • Hold the water in for a bit by holding your breath, and breathe out to release it. Then relax. 
  • Repeat this holding and breathing exercise until the water comes out clean or if the water from the bubble enema (if you are using one) runs out. 
  • Some people take a complete shower after douching to get a feel of a thorough clean. Others wait an hour or so before engaging in anal play. 

How Often Do I Douche and What if I Overdo It? 

Too much douching means you will be cleaning your lovely bottom more often than usual even if you do it carefully. This can disturb the body’s natural behavior so the best advice is not to overdo it. Even if you clean your fabulous booty with the safest water, within the best temperature, and with the most appropriate equipment, too much douching can cause damage to the lining of your butt, which means it may lead you to a greater risk of getting an infection.

There’s no recommended number for douching but if you can, limit it to once a day or 2-3 days per week max, since our butt is self-cleaning. Let your bottom do its job. 

Are There Any Other Risks to Consider When Douching?

Anal douching can also hurt for those with anal fissures and hemorrhoids because anal douching means inserting the nozzle into your butt and if you have these conditions, it is more likely  to cause pain and injury. 

Also, those planning on having anal sex may want to schedule it in advance if they are taking some laxatives. Laxatives, with their side effects like gas, cramping, and diarrhea, tend to induce intestinal contractions to help the poop move through your bowel. 

Is There Anything You Can Do to Minimize Irritation?

Now that you know how it goes, it helps to use lots of lubricants if you’re douching it for the first time. Remember the skin in the anal area is very sensitive and tender. Lubricants make it easy to insert and reduce skin friction. Not doing so increases your chance of skin irritation and damage.

You may also want to go extremely sloooow when inserting the tube or the nozzle, and stop when it feels painful or if you notice any bleeding. 

The main point of anal douching is to make sure our butt (which connects to the gut) is “clean”, but keep in mind that anal douching is not really necessary.The best way to make sure that the gut is clean is to drink more water, get plenty of exercise, and follow a high-fiber diet. 

Adding More Fiber to Your Diet

Browse a few anal douching articles and you will often see that a high-fiber diet is recommended when anal douching is being discussed. The USDA recommends 25 grams of fiber per day for women and 38 grams for men to help keep things moving in the colon so you don’t have to worry about stool buildup in the colon. You can increase your fiber intake byeating a lot of high-fiber foods like fruits, legumes, and vegetables. We have a whole list here of fiber-rich foods. You can also increase your fiber intake by taking afiber supplement like Bonny.

How Bonny Helps Keep Your Booty Clean

Pop and Poop, Very Berry Squares

Bonny is an all-natural fiber powder supplement that helps increase fiber intake and makes your pooping experience glorious. Bonny has a custom blend of psyllium husk and prebiotic inulin to bulk up the stool and feed the good gut bacteria. And Queerty online rated our fiber as a top holiday gift here for gay men.

Bonny comes in amazing flavors like Amplified Apple Pie, Mixed Ripe Berries, and Super Strawberry Serenity It is vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based. One serving is 17%+ of your daily recommended fiber! We also have new Very Berry Squares pictured above if you just want to pop and poop.

As always, we wish you a happy butt and a clean gut!